Kevin Chow

Kevin Chow

Fledging Computer Scientist

I’m a computer scientist and software engineer. Nowadays I work on AI, read, and write.

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Save your wrists and your time: lose the mouse

Note: This post is aimed at macOS users, with some cross-OS tools. Most are free and open-source. Hi, I’m Kevin and I don’t use a mouse. As a knowledge worker or keyboard warrior, most of my life exists between the four corners of a screen.

Thoughts and directions on Human Compatible (Russell, 2019)

I just finished reading Human Compatible (2019) by Stuart Russell. Unless I have compelling reasons, I usually like to read books that have aged well. Given that I’m quite invested in AI safety, and Stuart Russell is no doubt distilling decades of experience into 300 pages, this felt important enough for me to study.


A few useful things about ML

Implementations from ‘A few useful things to know about ML’

Kernel Discriminant Analysis

Python implementation of kernelized LDA