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I currently write in three forms: blog posts, chicken scratch, and zettelkasten


Save your wrists and your time: lose the mouse

Note: This post is aimed at macOS users, with some cross-OS tools. Most are free and open-source. Hi, I’m Kevin and I don’t use a mouse. As a knowledge worker or keyboard warrior, most of my life exists between the four corners of a screen.

Thoughts and directions on Human Compatible (Russell, 2019)

I just finished reading Human Compatible (2019) by Stuart Russell. Unless I have compelling reasons, I usually like to read books that have aged well. Given that I’m quite invested in AI safety, and Stuart Russell is no doubt distilling decades of experience into 300 pages, this felt important enough for me to study.


Sci-fi List

I really enjoy reading sci-fi, and want to start to compile a list, and eventually an encyclopedia/knowledge engine of ideas and technologies present in each. This is also what I class as sci-fi, others, including original artist themselves may beg to differ.

TLDR: The Original Bitcoin Whitepaper

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System One-Liner Bitcoin is an anonymous digital coin that changes hands based on unique cryptographic keys, validated through a decentralized distributed (P2P) ledger that A) is publicly-run by transaction chronology verification from decentralized volunteer compute nodes that solve a “proof-of-work” (proof of this node’s goodwill) in exchange for the coin itself and B) incentivizes actors with malicious intent to support the system because it is more profitable for them to perform A rather than attack it (antifragile).


I’m going to add another level of granularity to the notes of my website: Zettelkasten. I think there’s a strong case this will improve my learning and production. Blog posts are polished, well-researched, peer-reviewed pieces that take 15-20 hours to write.